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From v4 onwards, we use GitHub Pages with MkDocs to build the documentation.

Both the site and the content are hosted on GitHub.

Contributing / Suggesting Errata

We welcome contributions or errata that improve the quality of our documentation. Please use one of the following two channels:

  1. Via the standard GitHub workflow of forking our documentation repository, making your edits in your fork and them opening a pull request.
  2. If you are not familiar with GitHub, then please open an issue on the documentation repository with your suggestions.

Building Locally

If you haven't already, install MkDocs:

pip install mkdocs pymdown-extensions mkdocs-material mkdocs-git-revision-date-localized-plugin

The documentation can then be built locally as follows:

git clone
cd ixp-manager-docs-md
mkdocs build

You can serve them locally with the following and then access them via -

mkdocs serve

To automatically deploy to GitHub and make live:

mkdocs gh-deploy

You must be an authorised user for this but we welcome pull requests against the documentation repository!

Do not forget to push your changes to GutHub (if you have push permissions):

git add .
git commit -am "your commit message"
git push

There is a simple script in the documentation root directory that combiles these deploy and commit steps:

./ "your commit message"

Last update: September 8, 2020