From v4 onwards, we use GitHub Pages with MkDocs to build the documentation.

Both the site and the content are hosted on GitHub.

Contributing / Suggesting Errata

We welcome contributions or errata that improve the quality of our documenation. Please use one of the following two channels:

  1. Via the standard GitHub workflow of forking our documentation repository, making your edits in your fork and them opening a pull request.
  2. If you are not familiar with GitHub, then please open an issue on the documentation repository with your suggestions.

Building Locally

If you haven't already, install MkDocs:

pip install mkdocs
pip install pymdown-extensions

The documentation can then be built locally as follows:

git clone
cd ixp-manager-docs-md
mkdocs build

You can serve them locally with the following and then access them via -

mkdocs serve

To automatically deploy to GitHub and make live:

mkdocs gh-deploy

You must be an authorised user for this but we welcome pull requests against the documentation repository!