Runtime Configuration

Disabling Controllers

Controllers can be disabled by setting the following config item in config/ixp_fe.php:

    // ...,

    'frontend' => [
        'disabled' => [
            'xxx'   => true,

where xxx is the controller name. This name is in kebab-case format including any non-IXP\Http\Controllers namespace. Here are some controller - xxx examples:

  • \IXP\Http\Controllers\InfrastructureController => infrastructure
  • \IXP\Http\Controllers\CustKitController => cust-kit
  • \IXP\Http\Controllers\Interfaces\PhysicalInterfaceController => interfaces-physical-interface

This action is controlled by the IXP\Http\Middleware\ControllerEnabled middleware.

Note that in the configuration file, we have some pre-defined dotenv settings for commonly disabled controllers. It is a bad idea to manually edit the configuration files. If you find a controller than should be disabled and there there is no dotenv option, please open an issue.