Looking Glass

IXP Manager supports full looking glass features when using the Bird BGP daemon and Bird's Eye (a simple secure micro service for querying Bird).

A fully working example of this can be seen here on INEX's IXP Manager.

Enabling the looking glass just requires:

  1. properly configured router(s).
  2. Bird's Eye installed on these.
  3. the API endpoint must be accessible from the server running IXP Manager and this endpoint must be set correctly in the router's configuration (see router(s) page) (along with an appropriate setting for LG Access Privileges). Note that the Birdseye API end points do not need to be publicly accessible - just from the IXP Manager server.
  4. set the .env option: IXP_FE_FRONTEND_DISABLED_LOOKING_GLASS=false (in IXP Manager's .env and add it if it's missing as it defaults to true).

Example Router Configuration

See this screenshot for an appropriately configured INEX router with Bird's Eye:

Router Configuration for LG

Looking Glass 'Pass Thru' API Calls

Depending on the configured LG Access Privileges for a given router, IXP Manager will pass thru the following API calls to the router API.

  • https://ixp.example.com/api/v4/lg/{handle}/status
  • https://ixp.example.com/api/v4/lg/{handle}/bgp-summary

and return the JSON result.

The rationale for this is that we expect most IX's to keep direct access to looking glass implementations on internal / private networks.

Here are two live examples from INEX:

  1. https://www.inex.ie/ixp/api/v4/lg/rc1-cork-ipv4/status
  2. https://www.inex.ie/ixp/api/v4/lg/rc1-cork-ipv4/bgp-summary

You can see all of INEX's looking glasses at https://www.inex.ie/ixp/lg. GRNET have also a public IXP Manager integration at: https://portal.gr-ix.gr/lg.


The API endpoint must be accessible from the server running IXP Manager. Changing the URL as appropriate, test and confirm this with something like:

wget -O - http://as112-lan1-ipv4.example.com/api/status

which should give a status response (we've made the JSON formatting readable here):

    "api": {
    "status": {
        "message":"Daemon is up and running"