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Release Procedure

DRAFT: in advance of the v4.8.0 release, I am gathering some notes here towards writing for formal release procedure for new minor versions of IXP Manager.

  1. Create a release branch - e.g. release-v5.
  2. Ensure third party libraries have been updated.
  3. Ensure the .env.example has been updated with new options and comments.
  4. Ensure completed release notes on GitHub.
  5. Update the IXP Manager installation script(s) to reference the new branch of IXP Manager.
  6. Update the Docker files to install the new version of IXP Manager.
  7. Update any necessary documentation on
  8. Tag the GitHub release.
  9. Ensure proxies match entities.
  10. Ensure production yarn run.
  11. Release announcement.

Last update: May 21, 2019