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We've tried our best to make installing IXP Manager as easy as possible via the install script(s) we provide. These scripts are opinionated about what version of Linux is used and how IXP Manager is installed. It's targeted at people who don't have a huge amount of system administration skills or want to take a quick look to evaluate the product.

If you want to install on your own preferred platform or with your own tweaks, we provide detailed instructions below also but we only offer whatever support you'll find on the public mailing list.

The installation of IXP Manager doesn't end when you have the web interface up and running (which is mostly what we cover in this section and the installation script) - that's really just the beginning. Completing the installation is about all the features that work around and via IXP Manager such as route server configurations, graphing, peer to peer graphs via sflow, etc. Each of these require different amounts of effort and are covered in their individual feature pages.

Last update: June 3, 2021