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Member Export

The recommended means of exporting member details from IXP Manager is to use the IX-F Member Export tool. We even provide examples of how to use this to create example tables.

However, you may sometimes require additional flexibility which necessitates rolling your own export templates. This Member Export feature will allow you to do this but it does require some PHP programming ability.

This Member Export feature is modeled after the static content tool and you are advised to read that page also.

This feature first appears in v4.8.0 and replaces the deprecated older way of handling this.


In IXP Manager, there are four types of users as described in the users page. Member export templates can be added which requires a minimum user privilege to access (e.g. priv == 0 would be publicly accessible through to priv == 3 which would require a superadmin).

To create your own member export templte, you should first set up skinning for your installation. Let's assume you called your skin example in the following.

To create a publicly accessible member export page called lonap, you would first create a directory structure in your skin as follows:

mkdir -p resources/skins/example/content/members/{0,1,2,3}

where the directories 0, 1, 2, 3 represent the minimum required user privilege to access the template. You can now create your export template page by creating a file:


and then edit that page. In fact, we have bundled three examples in the following locations:

  1. resources/skins/example/content/members/3/lonap.foil.php: a table that replicates how LONAP have traditionally listed their members (see here). It would be accessed via:
  2. resources/skins/example/content/members/3/json-example.foil.php: a JSON example of the above. The HTTP response content type is set to JSON with .json is added to the URL. However you have to ensure your template outputs JSON also. This would be accessed via:
  3. resources/skins/inex/content/members/0/list.foil.php: what we at INEX use to generate this members list. You can access the real data via: (not that this is publicly accessible).

The format of the URL to access these member export templates is:{priv}/{page}[.json]
  • {priv} is the minimum required user privilege required to access the page and is used first for testing the user's permissions and second as the directory to check for the file.
  • {page} is the name of the file to load (less .foil.php) and please be aware that this is normalised as follows:
    preg_replace( '/[^a-z0-9\-_]/', '', strtolower( $page ) )
    i.e. the file name can only contain characters from the class [a-z0-9\-_] and all lower case.
  • [.json] is an optional extension which tells IXP Manager to set the Content-Type: application/json header in the response.

Last update: March 5, 2018