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Database Change Logging

In IXP Manager v6, we changed the database access layer to Laravel's Eloquent. As part of this work, we added a new listener for any UI based changes to database objects.

You will find [View logs] buttons through IXP Manager and these will link to the appropriate entries in the Logs controller (which you can find in the left hand menu under IXP UTILITIES).

NB: logs are expunged after six months. We feel this is a useful compromise between: auditing changes; keeping the database from growing unnecessarily large; and data privacy (as logs include user and contact objects).

A sample of the logs list for a rack / cabinet:

List of logs for racks

As you can see, for the purposes of demonstration, I created, edited and then deleted a rack.

The creation log contains:

Rack creation log

The edit log highlights the changes made:

The creation log contains:

Rack creation log

And the deletion log retains the data:

Rack deletion log

Last update: July 14, 2021