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Runtime Configuration

Behind a HTTP[S] Proxy

If you are running IXP Manager behind a load balancer / proxy that terminates TLS / SSL connections, you may notice your application sometimes does not generate HTTPS links. Typically this is because your application is being forwarded traffic from your load balancer on port 80 and does not know it should generate secure links.

From v4.7.2, IXP Manager supports trusted proxies via Laravel's support for fideloper/TrustedProxy.

See the above links for complete documentation. To just get it working, you need to:

  1. Publish the default trusted proxies configuration file:

    cd $IXPROOT
    ./artisan vendor:publish --provider="Fideloper\Proxy\TrustedProxyServiceProvider"

  2. The above will create a file ${IXPROOT}/config/trustedproxy.php. For the most part, you now just need to change the IP address(es) in the array proxies to those of your own proxy/proxies.

NB: as well as the above, it is also critical that your have correctly set APP_URL in the .env file for URL generation to correctly work.

Disabling Controllers

Controllers can be disabled by setting the following config item in config/ixp_fe.php:

    // ...,

    'frontend' => [
        'disabled' => [
            'xxx'   => true,

where xxx is the controller name. This name is in kebab-case format including any non-IXP\Http\Controllers namespace. Here are some controller - xxx examples:

  • \IXP\Http\Controllers\InfrastructureController => infrastructure
  • \IXP\Http\Controllers\CustKitController => cust-kit
  • \IXP\Http\Controllers\Interfaces\PhysicalInterfaceController => interfaces-physical-interface

This action is controlled by the IXP\Http\Middleware\ControllerEnabled middleware.

Note that in the configuration file, we have some pre-defined dotenv settings for commonly disabled controllers. It is a bad idea to manually edit the configuration files. If you find a controller than should be disabled and there there is no dotenv option, please open an issue.

Last update: January 31, 2018