IXP Manager has a number of API endpoints which are documented in the appropriate places throughout the documentation.

Please find details below about authenticating for API access to secured functions.

Creating an API Key

When logged into IXP Manager, create an API as follows:

  1. Select My Account on the right hand side of the top menu.
  2. Select API Keys from the My Account menu.
  3. Click the plus / addition icon on the top right of the resultant API Keys page.

Treat your API key as a password and do not copy the below URLs into public websites and other public forums.

API Authentication

There are two ways to use your API key to authenticate to IXP Manager.

You can test these using the API test endpoint at api/v4/test. For example:


The plaintext response will also indicate if you are authenticated or not (which can be via existing session or API key).

1. HTTP Header Parameter

You can pass your API key in the HTTP request as a request header parameter called X-IXP-Manager-API-Key. For example:

curl -X GET -H "X-IXP-Manager-API-Key: my-api-key" https://ixp.example.com/api/v4/test

2. As a URL Parameter

This is a legacy method that is still supported. You can tack your key on as follows: