Operational Notes

This page will collect various operational notes, hints and tips and FAQs over time.

Backup IXP Manager

Added 2020-03-24

On the mailing list, someone asked about backing up IXP Manager before an upgrade. Barry O'Donovan answered this here and the advice was:

It's not something I generally do as we have our production servers backed up nightly. But:

Assuming you have IXP Manager installed at /srv/ixpmanager then I'd proceed as follows (replacing yyyymmdd with today's date):

  1. Put IXP Manager in maintenance mode (php /srv/ixpmanager/artisan down).

  2. Take a MySQL dump:

    mysqldump --lock-tables --quick --skip-events --triggers \
        -h <host> -u <username> -p<password> ixpmanager |    \
        bzip2 -9 >/srv/ixpmanager/db-yyyymmdd.sql.bz2

  3. Duplicate the IXP Manager directory in its entirety:

    rsync -a /srv/ixpmanager/ /srv/ixpmanager-yyyymmdd

  4. Upgrade IXP Manager per the usual instructions.

If you need to rollback then:

  1. Restore the database from the dump above:

    bzcat /srv/ixpmanager/db-yyyymmdd.sql.bz2 | \
        mysql -h <host> -u <username> -p<password> ixpmanager

  2. Shift the directories around:

    mv /srv/ixpmanager /srv/ixpmanager-failed
    mv /srv/ixpmanager-yyyymmdd /srv/ixpmanager