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Cron Jobs - Task Scheduling

Prior to IXP Manager v5, a number of cron jobs had to be configured manually. From v5.0 onwards, cron jobs are handled by Laravel's task scheduler. As such, you just need a single cron job entry such as:

* * * * *    www-data    cd /path-to-your-ixp-manager && php artisan schedule:run >> /dev/null 2>&1

You can see the full schedule in code here (look for the function protected function schedule(Schedule $schedule)).

Tasks Referenced Elsewhere

The following tasks are run via this mechanism and are referenced elsewhere in the documentation:

  • Uploading MRTG traffic data to the database - documented in the Grapher MRTG backend page - and runs nightly at 02:00. NB: there are email reports that can be added to cron that are not part of the scheduler - see the same page for details on this.
  • IRRDB prefix and ASN database for generating route server filters - this is all documented on the IRRDB page. NB: the scheduler will not run unless you have configured the location of BGPQ3 as per the instructions. This runs every 6 hours.
  • Telescope is a debugging / error tracking tool within IXP Manager. In production, it is limited to recording exceptions and other errors. It puts data into a database table of which anything over three days is expunged via the Artisan command telescope:prune daily.
  • The OUI database is updated weekly (Mondays at 09:15).
  • Polling / updating switch and switch port details (see documentation here) happens every five minutes.
  • Update the record of which customers have / have not PeeringDB records.
  • Update the record of which customers are / are not participating in MANRS.

Other Tasks

Expunging Logs

Some data should not be retained indefinitely for user privacy / GDPR / housekeeping reasons. The utils:expunge-logs command runs daily at 03:04 and currently:

  1. removes user login history older than 6 months;
  2. removes user API keys that expired >3 months ago;
  3. removes expired user remember tokens.

Last update: July 13, 2021