For development purposes, we have both Docker and Vagrant build files.

Quick Vagrant

If you want to get IXP Manager with Vagrant up and running quickly, follow these steps:

  1. Install Vagrant (see:
  2. Install VirtualBox (see:
  3. Clone IXP Manager to a directory:

    git clone ixpmanager
    cd ixpmanager
  4. Spin up a Vagrant virtual machine:

    vagrant up
  5. Access IXP Manager on: http://localhost:8088/

  6. Log in with one of the following username / passwords:

  7. Admin user: vagrant / vagrant1

  8. Customer Admin: as112 / as112as112
  9. Customer User: asii2user / as112as112

Please see Vagrant's own documentation for a full description of how to use it fully. To access the virtual machine that the above has spun up, just run the following from the ixpmanager directory:

vagrant ssh

You'll find the ixpmanager directory mounted under /vagrant, you can sudo su - and you can access MySQL via:

mysql -u root -ppassword ixp

If you prefer to use phpMyAdmin, you'll find it at http://localhost:8088/phpmyadmin and you can log in with root / password.

Database Details

Spinning up Vagrant in the above manner loads a sample database from ixpmanager/database/vagrant-base.sql. If you have a preferred development database, place a bzip'd copy of it at ixpmanager/ixpmanager-preferred.sql.bz2 before step 5 above.