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Static Content

IXP Manager can serve some static pages for you if you wish. The typical use cases for this are:

  1. support details / contact page;
  2. other static content relevant to your members.


In IXP Manager, there are four types of users as described in the users page. Static contact can be added which requires a minimum user privilege to access (e.g. priv == 0 would be publicly accessible through to priv == 3 which would require a superadmin).

To create static content, you should first set up skinning for your installation. Let's assume you called your skin example.

To create a publicly accessible static content page called misc-benefits, you would first create a content directory in your skin as follows:

mkdir -p resources/skins/example/content/{0,1,2,3}

where the directories 0, 1, 2, 3 represent the minimum required user privilege to access the content. You can now create your content page as follows:

cp resources/views/content/0/example.foil.php resources/skins/example/content/0/misc-benefits.foil.php

and then edit that page.

It can be accessed using a URL such as: where the route template is: content/{priv}/{page}.

  • {priv} is the minimum required user privilege required to access the page and is used first for testing the user's permissions and second as the directory to check for the file.
  • {page} is the name of the file to load (less .foil.php) and please be aware that this is normalised as follows:
    preg_replace( '/[^a-z0-9\-_]/', '', strtolower( $page ) )
    i.e. the file name can only contain characters from the class [a-z0-9\-_] and all lower case. Prior to v4.8.0 the strtolower() mistakenly occurred after the preg_replace().

The example.foil.php template copied above should provide the necessary structure for you. Essentially just replace the title and the content.

For publicly accessible documents, there is an alias route:

/public-content/{page}  -> treated as: /content/0/{page}

Support / Contact Template

IXP Manager ships with a link to Support in the main title menu. You should copy and adjust this as necessary via skinning:

cp resources/views/content/0/support.foil.php resources/skins/example/content/0/support.foil.php

Documentation Menu

You can link to your own static contact pages using the Documentation menu by skinning this file:

cp resources/views/layouts/header-documentation.foil.php resources/skins/example/layouts/header-documentation.foil.php

The stock version includes a link to the example page and a external link to the IXP Manager website (we would be much obliged if you left this in place!).

INEX's own version of this can be found in the shipped resources/skins/inex/header-documentation.foil.php file which shows how we use it.

Last update: April 8, 2021